hermione [x x]

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hp genderswap: saoirse ronan as draco malfoy [x x]

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gabrielle delacour, beauxbatons étudiant [x x x x x]

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Kiss and Tell

The rules were simple. Provoke each other. Scream at each other. Snog each other. Do this as frequently as possible, but don’t ever, ever kiss and tell.

I resisted jily for a long time. I mean, how great could it be? The whole constant bickering, then snogging, then star-crossed lovers thing seems a bit boring, truthfully. But, of course, I was dreadfully wrong. Kiss and Tell is kind of amazing. It’s so, so much better than I thought it would be (no offense). It was rec’d as a must-read by prongsvssquid, and yeah. The characters are brilliantly realistic. Lily suffers from depression (maybe probably), and she’s selfish, and confused. James can be an idiot in a startling number of ways, and he’s really too stubborn for his own good. But, together, they’re just kind of perfect. Also, the writing is charming and sweet. Just read it.

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i’m working on my jily tag don’t judge

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bellatrix l’étrange [x x]

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after the war, hermione throws herself into her work. it’s unsurprising really, but the sheer violence of her page-turning flusters madame pince greatly. that god-forsaken war has finally ended, and the lack of stress should lift her up and away, but she’s so very angry. after all, it’s only after the war that the truth comes out — the torture, the mass murders, the under-handed laws, and their heavy-handed enforcement — and she only wants to make it better, to help the only way she can, but no one will let her.

and so, on molly weasley’s suggestion, hermione channels her anger into interviewing. she runs politicians down at the ministry, chats with students over tea, and converses with all manner of magical creatures. she listens to these brave, frightened people, and she learns about the best and worst of humanity. they teach her empathy, and patience, and how to carry on despite everything (or perhaps because of it). and so, not for the first time in her life, hermione granger found her longed-for answers in anothers’ words. [x x x]

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right! so it’s been like, a couple of weeks. i suck at staying off of tumblr. but, i’m trying to de-stress in between working my ass off. therefore, i have made a thing. it’s inspired by a lovely tag series, and that is all i shall say :)

off to study. 

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lee jordan [x x]

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the golden trio three/threeblessed in spirit

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Happily Ever After

If you sit very quietly, I’ll tell you the real story of a Prince and his Princess, and how they changed the world.

Truthfully, I’m not sure why I like Jeconais so much. I mean, the writing isn’t normally what I go for — it’s fairly silly, with powerful!Harry a constant, and an appalling amount of description for outfits. But! I love it. I love almost everything Jeconais writes, especially Happily Ever After, Hope, and White Knight, Grey Queen. I really love this version of Gabrielle, as weird as she is, and I really love this story. 

tags: complete, powerful!Harry, romance x, fairytales!, fluffy x

i’ve made things for this story!

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lily & james [x x]

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what’s coming will come, and we’ll meet it when it does [x x]

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hermione + knitting, my otp

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sites of historical sorcery : st mungo’s hospital for magical maladies and injuries [x x x x x]

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